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Alumnae Spotlight: Batya Chava Reflects on the Value of her Barnard Experience

I first met Batya in my sophomore year in a seminar titled, “Stalinist Civilizations,” taught by Professor Brandon Schechter.  Professor Schechter is one of those professors who are true nurturing educators so I can easily attribute my passion for history to him. His ability to engage and teach combined with a room packed full of eloquent and witty students meant that I had no shortage of role models. In this class, I had the pleasure of knowing Batya who struck me as one of the warmest, most helpful, and driven people. Here is Batya in her own words on graduating Barnard, reflecting on her college experience, and having been a History major at Barnard!

–Reporter Connie Cai

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Student Initiatives: Meet Me at the Museum

Meet Me at the Museum is a Barnard/Columbia student-led initiative that provides tours to elementary school students in New York City. BarnardHistoryBlog invites Sofia Perez, the club’s president, and Allie Berdon, the club’s director of operations, to share their experiences  and to encourage History majors to get involved! No art history education required, just a passion for equity, public education, history, art and social justice!

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