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Barnard College History Department Celebrates the 2021 Public History Projects Produced in the Newest Senior Thesis Seminar Option, “Histories of the Present”!

Barnard College History Department’s senior thesis seminar option, “Histories of the Present” track, celebrates the 2020-2021 cohort’s public history projects! Barnard students have produced three types of projects: podcasts, policy briefs, and op-eds. The “Histories of the Present” track was taught by Professor Nara Milanich and Professor Lisa Tiersten and trained students to bring historical analysis to bear on our understanding of the present.

This year’s podcasts include Kennedy Ellender’s “The South’s Defender: The Rise and Fall (and Rise and Fall…) of a Confederate Statue and Rivkah Pardue’s “Renewing Tradition: Orthodox Jewish Women’s Dress in the 20th Century.” Three students, Tatyana Belova, Alexa Silverman, and Adina Romero, produced policy briefs about arms control, menstrual injustice, and immigrant communities in public school systems. Our students also pursued a variety of topics in the op-eds and some are currently undergoing revision for publishing. Gabrielle Finestone’s “Treating Vaccine Skeptics like Crackpots Won’t Get Us to Herd Immunity” has been published in the The Chicago Tribune. We are excited about our students’ works going out into the world!

Congratulations to the “Histories of the Present” senior thesis track students! To listen to and read out students’ works, please visit:


Policy Briefs


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